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Introducing graphics offload
Introducing graphics offload
Some of us in the GTK team have spent the last month or so exploring the world of linux kernel graphics apis, in particular, dmabufs. We are coming back from this adventure with some frustrations a... Read More
Paths in GTK, part 2
Paths in GTK, part 2
In the first part of this series, we introduced the concept of paths and looked at how to create a GskPath. But there’s more to paths than that. Path Points Many interesting properties of paths can... Read More
Paths in GTK
Paths in GTK
It is no secret that we want to get rid of cairo as the drawing API in GTK, so we can move more of our drawing onto the GPU. While People have found creative ways to draw things with render nodes, ... Read More

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ScaledTexture: Trilinear scaling with 16bit texture gives black output with GL
1. Bug
GTK 4 GdkWaylandSeat using linux-specific BTN_* defs which not available on Darwin
gtk4/main build fails: ERROR: requires argument not a string, library with pkgconfig-generated file or pkgconfig-dependency object, got
Crash due to problem in GtkShortcutManager default implementation for GTK_PHASE_NONE
Under default-dark theme, an active frameless GtkToggleButton inside a GtkNotebookPage looks the same as an unactive one
Shrinking cursor leaves artifacts on KDE plasma because of wrong buffer surface.
GTK crash when changing style from `size-allocate` signal
1. Crash
ScrolledWindow's overshoot and undershoot are not RTL-friendly
GTK4 GtkScrolledWindow
Loading textures noticably blocks rendering
Double-clicking inside a text widget "leaks" to the other widgets
Inconsistent ordering of leave and button release signals

by PBS
Opening a popup throws several "Failed to realize renderer of type 'GskGLRenderer' for surface 'GdkWaylandPopup" messages
2. Needs Information
GtkScale: when focusing on the handle with the keyboard, the highlight is barely visible (in dark style)
FileChooser / FileDialog shows hidden files (dot files) in "Recent" even when the "Show hidden files" is deactivated
1. Bug 1. Security 5. FileChooser GTK3 GTK4
[Gtk3/x11] window->impl leaks for child Gdk windows
Hidden text in TextView doesn't hide a line-feed/carriage return