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Accessibility improvements in GTK 4.14
Accessibility improvements in GTK 4.14
GTK 4.14 brings various improvements on the accessibility front, especially for applications showing complex, formatted text; for WebKitGTK; and for notifications. Accessible text interface The acc... Read More
On fractional scales, fonts and hinting
On fractional scales, fonts and hinting
GTK 4.14 will be released very soon, with new renderers that were introduced earlier this year. The new renderers have much improved support for fractional scaling—on my system, I now use 125% scal... Read More
GTK hackfest updates
GTK hackfest updates
As we often do, a few members of the GTK team and the wider GNOME community came together for a two-day hackfest before FOSDEM. This year, we were aiming to make progress on the topics of accessibi... Read More

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GdkWin32: Custom move resize not working after restoring surface from maximize via keyboard
Epiphany forward/back buttons become stuck in active state
warnings building with clang on Windows
4. Newcomers GTK3
gtk4: Giant cursors when using scale > 1
Auto-hidden taskbar not appearing on Windows
nested GtkScrolledWindow implement support to disable gestures
Some apps (guvcview, gnome-connections...) crash in GTK 3 CSS code when running on GNOME on Wayland
gtk3 v3.24.41 on Wayland breaks display of native Chrome in Alt+Tab for a while after launch
ColumnView Doesn't Fully Hide Content on Column Width Set to Zero
1. Bug
[GTK3] X11 ConfigureNotify event with bad width/height results in window that doesn't repaint itself anymore
Pressing "arrow right" never focus the first row in various panels from GNOME Settings
Occasional glitches with DMAbuf GL rendering (not offloading) with V4L2 decoders
Accommodation for language-agnostic code snippets in GTK documentation [feature]
ngl renderer completely broken on Adreno 3xx GPUs
3. Not GNOME
Clipped redraw artifacts in node-editor
gtk_gl_area_set_allowed_apis does not work