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Updates from inside GTK
Updates from inside GTK
Some of the core GTK developers recently got together for a few days to do some focused work and talk about current and future plans. It is difficult to summarize three days of discussions in a blo... Read More
A grid for the file chooser
A grid for the file chooser
In the last post, we discussed deprecating treeviews and cell renderers, among other things. All these deprecations cause a lot of work for applications and libraries using these APIs, so why are w... Read More
On deprecations
On deprecations
If you are paying attention to GTK’s git repository, you may have noticed a change in the last weeks. We have a directory gtk/deprecations, which is destined to contain source files that implement ... Read More

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Deprecate gtk_widget_translate_coordinates
Add a GdkGLTextureBuilder
User Docs: Gtk.TextIter link to text widget conceptual overview isn't working
8. Developer Docs GTK3
Commit# fba09dbf has the call sequence backwards
Add a replacement for GtkEntryCompletion
2. Needs Design API Design GTK4 GtkEntryCompletion UI/UX Design
gtk_events_pending return TRUE also when there are no events (Windows only)
gskglcommandqueue.c:1279: assertion failed (glCheckFramebufferStatus (GL_FRAMEBUFFER) == GL_FRAMEBUFFER_COMPLETE): (0x00008cdd == 0x00008cd5)
GL Renderer
Possible use-after-free under gtk_scrolled_window_update_use_indicators()
1. Crash GTK4
gtk_widget_is_ancestor Segmentation fault.
Mark application property on ApplicationWindow as CONSTRUCT
Gtk4 critical error about focus, while changing page on notebook
error: target emulation unknown: -m or at least one .o file required [possible workaround]
Rubberband selection starting instead of drag and drop if mouse starts moving too soon
1. Regression Drag-and-drop GtkGesture
macOS application menu not sensitive to action groups
GtkMenu MacOS
Popovers block access to Shell and other apps via touchscreen
GL renderer does tiling wrong