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On deprecations
On deprecations
If you are paying attention to GTK’s git repository, you may have noticed a change in the last weeks. We have a directory gtk/deprecations, which is destined to contain source files that implement ... Read More
Inside the GTK font chooser
Inside the GTK font chooser
I’ve written about the handling of fonts in GTK before. This post is going to focus on how to use the more advanced font (and font chooser) features in your application. Finding fonts The most prom... Read More
sizable news
sizable news
For the upcoming GTK 4.6, we have overhauled a lot of the sizing infrastructure to make widgets fit even tighter and to make sure our sizing infrastructure actually does what it says. halign/valign... Read More

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Add Click Gesture support to shortcuts and shortcut overlays
Emit a signal prior to opening context menus
Window titlebar: close, maximize and minimize buttons don't have a tooltip
Application menu button gets stuck and mouse widget interactions break if the first headerbar action is opening the menu via touch
GtkGesture Input

by GN
Long action names column values are not ellipsized in the Gtk Inspector, causing it to open with a super wide width that cannot be shrunk or resized down
GtkFileDialog doesn't allow to set label on the accept button
some symbolic icons disappear when switching to HC
8. Accessibility
GtkImage: freeze_notify() called after reference count dropped to 0
2. Needs Information
Click on a confirmation button in "move file" dialogue gets lost in openQA
Combo box broken with touchscreen
Autohide grab lost with nested popovers
GtkPopover Input
Gtk inspector keybinding requires two presses, under specific (but common) circumstances
GtkColumnView with GtkBuilderListItemFactory not binding when Gtk.TreeListModel is used and the first child is not the GtkTreeExpander in ui xml
GdkWin32: Overhaul surface freezing
GdkWin32: Override GdkFrameClockIdle GSource
Performance Windows
GdkWin32: initial mapping of dialog is not centered on the transient parent window